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Message from our Co-Founders

We are honored to announce the launch of Anew Wellness, a premier behavioral health center. Vernon and I founded Anew Wellness based on two principles, the destigmatization of mental illness and substance abuse issues and the empowerment of individuals living with a mental illness or substance abuse issues. In an industry overwhelmed and underserved, we envision a warm comfortable setting where people come to heal. Our dream is now coming to fruition.

To assist us in this endeavor we brought together a team highly skilled mental health professionals who share our vision. Our team works together to create a unique environment that facilitates the restoration of wellness. At Anew we believe people can get better with proper treatment; and through a combination of evidence-based therapy, innovation and compassion our clients can begin their journey to mental wellness and start their lives Anew.

We invite you to join us in this client-centic movement in an effort to return the focus of care to patients and their families.

We Accept Most Major Insurances: