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The journey to maturity can be full of unique challenges which can lead to emotional distress and self-destructive behavior. Our adolescent team is well-equipped to determine the best course of action which entails swift intervention and comprehensive individualized care. We offer an adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adolescents, ages 13 - 18 with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses, along with a less intensive individual Outpatient program.

At Anew Wellness, we can help your teen overcome their unique challenges at home, in school, and socially so they may gain confidence, take control, and live happier/healthier lives after their time with us. We provide the tools necessary to handle many of the obstacles that life may throw at them, along with the skills to recognize where they are now and where they may want to be. 

Our Approach

At Anew Wellness, we understand the significance of adolescence and the emotional development that occurs during this stage of a person’s life. At Anew, each adolescent enrolled in our programs receives a uniquely tailored treatment plan designed to help them reach their individualized goals in an organized and timely manner. Each individual at Anew Wellness is assigned a highly qualified therapist who will guide them with one-on-one attention throughout their treatment. As a part of our services, we offer on-site medication management with our psychiatrists. We also offer on-site laboratory testing, which provides drug screenings as needed throughout treatment. Family involvement and group therapy are also incorporated in the treatment journey to help facilitate the accomplishment of goals and the long-term success of treatment.

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment designed to help create stability in all areas of life of possible. At Anew Wellness, our staff maintains constant contact with families, schools, and other important individuals in your teen’s life. While in our care, your teen will have the support of their assigned therapist and psychiatrist to help navigate their challenges and also coordinate their care with other aspects of life outside of treatment. Family dynamics are a major factor in your teen's recovery. We find that the greatest change and improvement in our client's lives occur when family is actively included during treatment.

Our Programs

At Anew Wellness we offer Outpatient programs for adolescents in two levels. Our programs are designed to assist teens and young adults with mental health diagnoses along with dual-diagnoses (mental health & substance abuse) in separate tracks for care. Our current programs include our Individual Outpatient program and Intensive Outpatient program. Our programs are designed to help adolescents struggling with various personal challenges, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and more. We understand that treatment approaches are not one size fit all and do our best to accommodate our approach to treatment to meet the needs of each individual adolescent.

Before entering program, each adolescent client is scheduled time with a highly qualified Psychiatrist for a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best course of care while at Anew. During your adolescent's initial visit they will also meet with one of our highly qualified therapists for further evaluation on for the development of their personalized treatment plan. After their comprehensive evaluation, your teen will be assigned to one of our therapists who will work with them to achieve their goals during treatment. Our therapists are all Masters Level clinicians with extensive knowledge in adolescent development and psychology, and are fully licensed in the State of New Jersey. 

Our Services

After their initial comprehensive evaluation, our staff will begin working on your teen's individualized treatment plan. Their treatment plan will include what level of care they will be placed in and what the several goals we would like to assist them in accomplishing them. With the help of their assigned therapist, your teen will begin their journey with Anew Wellness.

We currently offer the following tracks at Anew Wellness for our clients:

• Individual Outpatient Program

Our Individual Outpatient Program (OP) is our lowest level of care at Anew Wellness. This program includes individual therapy with an assigned therapist one or more times a week as deemed necessary by our clinical team. In this level of care, your adolescent would still qualify for medication management and family sessions as needed during their care in order to ensure maximized results from their time here with us at Anew Wellness.
*Our Individual Outpatient Program is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

• Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides time limited, multidisciplinary, multimodal structured treatment in an outpatient setting. Such programs are less intensive than a partial hospitalization program or day treatment program, but significantly more intensive than outpatient psychotherapy and medication management. Our IOP programs are three (3) hours per day, three (4) days per week for a total of nine (12) hours per week.
*Our Intensive Outpatient Program is specifically designed to accommodate your child's regular school schedule. The IOP program currently runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.



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