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At Anew Wellness, we understand that stress results in loss of productivity, increased health issues and higher costs to employers. Although some stress is manageable, chronic stress can be extremely damaging if not dealt with effectively. Chronic stress can disrupt brain chemistry which may cause issues with both physical and mental health. In addition, chronic stress is a well-known substance abuse risk factor.

Our Professional Program allows you to receive the assistance necessary to bring yourself back into balance while still actively participating in all facets of your life. We help our clients deal with the stress they are currently dealing with and develop the necessary tools to cope with future stress in an effective way. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach which includes clinically proven therapies, movement, mindfulness and breathing exercises. In addition clients will collaborate with clinicians to create a “Tool Kit” that will be equipped with items that positively reinforce the coping skills learned at Anew Wellness...

The Facts About Mental Health In The Workplace

  • It is estimated that the prevalence of mental illness and/or substance abuse in any given year approaches 25% in adults of working age.

  • Annual cost to employers for mental health and substance abuse issues are estimated to be $300 billion.
  • More workers are absent from work because of stress and anxiety than because of physical illness or injury.

Our Programs

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